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Auto Warranty Scam Targeting Utica Area

A new car warranty scam is targeting vehicle owners in the Utica area as if the repeated ‘extended car warranty’ robocalls weren’t bad enough. This time, the scam is coming in the mail.

The letter or call tries to trick consumers into buying a service contract for their vehicle. Often, scammers pretend the offer is from the car manufacturer or dealership.

Vehicle owners in the area are receiving notices on pink paper advising them to ‘activate a vehicle service contract’ on their cars or trucks. Consumers are encouraged to call an 877 number that reportedly connects them to ‘SAP – Service Agreement Program’. A simple Google search of the BBB reveals this warranty company is a scam. The ‘warranty’ it hawks provides little to no coverage to buyers.

Unfortunately, warranty scams are not uncommon. The government is continuing efforts to stop fraudulent calls and letters. The FTC has paid out millions of dollars to thousands of people who were duped by these scams.

Get a Warranty Scam in the Mail?

If you receive a letter or phone call from someone suggesting your vehicle’s warranty is about to expire, or needs to be activated, call the dealership where you purchased your vehicle or the manufacturer. Consumer Reports says you should not call the number listed on the letter. It could be a warranty scam.

Like any phone or mail scam, never give your personal information to someone online or over the phone. “Do not provide any personal information, such as a social security number, credit card information, driver’s license number or bank account information to any caller unless you can verify you are dealing directly with a legitimate company with which you have an established business relationship,” advises the FCC.

Bottom line: if you get a call, hang up. If you get a letter, throw it away.

If you have any questions, call us at 315-733-2277 or call your vehicle’s manufacturer, or your dealership.

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Pizza Places in Utica NY

Where Can You Get the Best Pizza in Utica NY?

The fundamentals of pizza are the same wherever you go: dough, sauce, and cheese. As any pizza lover will tell you, there’s a lot of variation from one pizza place to another. So where can you find the best pizza in Utica NY?

Out of three basic components, there are infinite pizza permutations — and that’s before we’re even talking about toppings. Pizza excellence is in the eye of the beholder — or the hand of the slice holder. Is your preference thick or thin crust? Smothered in cheese or less cheesy? Whatever you like, you can find a pizza place in Utica that serves just that.

Here at Nimey’s New Generation Cars, we tend to get our pizza from Jonny’s Pizza on Genesee Street. Not only is the pizza delicious, the slices are humungous.

Pizza in Utica NY
Lunch time. Can you see how huge those slices are?

We don’t want you to rely on just our opinion, so we asked everyone we knew where they get the best pizza in Utica, and — WHEW — we’re they ready to tell us.

So if you’re looking for a delicious slice, where should you go? One of these spots:

Best Pizza Places in Utica NY

Is a pizza place missing from this list? Let us know.

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Your Winter Car Emergency Kit

Central New York drivers are no strangers to driving in the snow, but is your car equipped in case you find your vehicle stuck in the snow for an extended period of time? You’ll want to have a Winter Car Emergency Kit: a small bag, filled with the essentials, that can keep you safe in an emergency. 

Being Prepared Can Save Your Life

The most important item is a cell phone, fully charged. In most areas, a cell phone will allow you to quickly call for help. Keep in mind, cold temperatures can drain your phone’s battery life, so make your call for help as soon as you find yourself in trouble. 

Keep an extra charger and a back-up battery in your vehicle as well. 

The National Safety Council recommends having a bag or clear container in your trunk stocked with the following items at all times: 

  • Blankets, mittens, socks and hats
  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Flashlight, plus extra batteries (or a hand-crank flashlight)
  • Jumper cables
  • First-aid kit Bottled water
  • Multi-tool, like a Leatherman multi-tool or a Swiss Army knife
  • Road flares or reflective warning triangles
  • Windshield cleaner

The Right Tools Can Help You Get Unstuck

In the winter, make sure you’re wearing a warm coat and snow boots, in case you need to leave your vehicle. It’s a good idea to keep a pair of boots in your car. Other key items to have in a snowy area like upstate New York:

  • A bag of sand or even kitty litter to help with traction if your car gets stuck
  • A snow shovel (there are collapsible shovels, but make sure they’re sturdy enough for significant snow)

Above all, if you find yourself stuck, and you can’t get out, don’t hesitate to contact the police or dial 911. 

Is your car ready to tackle winter? Schedule your vehicle’s winter maintenance check online at Nimey’s New Generation Cars, or simply text 315-235-3463 for an appointment.


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