Car Features You Don't Need

Car Features You Don’t Need

Modern cars come with a variety of optional features that are neat innovations and uses of technology. Most drivers stare and awe at these features, finding that these new implements go further to improve the value of the vehicle in their eyes. But that means it also makes the vehicle more expensive to purchase for the consumer. Are all of these features worth the extra cost? We here at Nimey’s New Generation Cars don’t think so. Here are the car features you don’t need.

Oversized Wheels 

Like LED lighting, this is an aesthetic choice that can make your car look nicer, but unlike the lighting, oversized wheels can actually put more a strain on your engine and delete further fuel. Better to stick to a standard size.

Auto-Park Assist 

Auto-Park Assist helps you to parallel park. So, the question is, how often do you parallel park? Given the option of parallel parking, or finding another spot, the majority of drivers will choose the later. 

LED Lighting 

It might look neat, but LED lighting doesn’t help you see better. It’s purely an aesthetic choice. 

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LED Lighting

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Entertainment System

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Entertainment Packages 

If you don’t have a family filling up your seats this is unnecessary. Furthermore, these are overpriced. With the price of entertainment system add-ons, you could simply buy your children tablets, giving everyone their own option instead of arguing about what to watch together on a tiny screen. 


Just use your phone as a wi-fi hotspot. This is pointless if you have an unlimited data plan, but also pointless if you’re driving and can’t even use the added wi-fi. 


Do you want a sunroof? Would you use one? If you’re not clamoring for it, then you don’t need it. 

Navigation Systems 

This feature was once quite helpful, but now in the age of smart phones, you can simply use an app. 


Voice command systems are often more trouble than they’re worth. You’ll have to take time learning the commands that the system might not recognize rather than just pushing a couple buttons. 

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Interior Mood Lighting 

This one should be obvious. Unless you’re turning the inside of your car into a trendy jazz club, what is the point of this? Does the lighting help to calm your road rage? 

All-Wheel Drive 

Now this can be necessary, but only depending on the driver. If you’re purely a city driver, then this is a feature you won’t use that will cost you more. 

Electronic Heads Up Display 

It’s easier to just stick to an analogue module that’s easy to see when the car is on or off. 

We here at Nimey’s Next Generation Cars hope we’ve been helpful weeding out these costs to your wallet. If you’re looking for a great used car at a great price and without all of these unneeded additions, check out our catalog, call, or come down and visit. We’ll be glad to help you find the car you need!