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Winter Forest Road

How Do I Stay Safe when Driving in the Winter Weather?

Tips for Winter Driving on Snowy and Icy Roads 

Unless you’re living in the sunny south, you’re going to have to deal with snow when winter comes. This means heavy coats, shoveling snow, and, most of all, winter driving. As the weather starts to get worse, it’s time to get ready. But what can you do to stay safe when driving in the winter?

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Close Up of Vehicle Dashboard with check engine light, low oil pressure light and coolant temperature light

What Do Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols Mean?

How To Understand Dashboard Warning Lights and Indicators

Dashboard warning lights and symbols are an important aspect of your vehicle that often go unnoticed until the Check Engine Light comes to life on your dashboard. When this happens, it is important that you do not panic and know what to do. If you have ever asked – what do dashboard warning lights and symbols mean – this guide will outline how to understand dashboard warning lights and indicators. Take a closer look at dashboard warning lights with this outline provided by Nimey’s New Generation Cars. Read the rest of this entry >>

5 Common Car Leaks and How to Spot Them

Is Your Car Leaking? Let Us Help You Diagnose the Problem!

5 Common Car Leaks and How to Spot Them

We pride ourselves in offering high-quality used vehicles that will get you where you need to go without worry. However, as your vehicle ages, you might experience little hiccups here and there that can usually be fixed by our amazing service professionals. One of the most common hiccups is a leak. Let us offer a color guide to help you diagnose the problem so that it can easily be fixed! Read the rest of this entry >>

Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

We’re on the cusp of spring now and our wacky weather has even allowed us to feel like we’re comfortably sitting in the spring months. People generally think of winter as a time when auto maintenance is at its most important, but if you want your car to be running soundly for years to come, we recommend taking a close look at what you can do for spring auto maintenance tips as well! See below to learn more! Read the rest of this entry >>