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How Do I Stay Safe when Driving in the Winter Weather?

Tips for Winter Driving on Snowy and Icy Roads 

Unless you’re living in the sunny south, you’re going to have to deal with snow when winter comes. This means heavy coats, shoveling snow, and, most of all, winter driving. As the weather starts to get worse, it’s time to get ready. But what can you do to stay safe when driving in the winter?

Icy roads, snowfall, frosted windshields, and fog-filled skies can make even the best driver incredibly anxious when driving in the frigid cold of winter. Even being cautious, accidents can happen when driving in hazardous conditions. Still, you can plan ahead and learn how to best manage the severe weather of ice, snow, and cold. Here at Nimey’s New Generation Cars, we’ve found some great driving tips to help you in this coming winter. Take a look so you can continue to stay safe! 


Before you’re on the road, there’s plenty you can do to help prepare your car. First off, make sure you take your car in for service so if there are any problems you are aware of them and have them fixed. It’s important to have your car in its best condition.

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Along with professional service, to keep your car running well, make sure to have your tires filled to an optimal pressure. Your gas tank should also be at least half-full to prevent freezing. Check weather and traffic reports before setting off so you know of any storms, changes in weather, and any areas of construction. Finally, make sure to always bring your phone and have an emergency kit packed with supplies such as blankets, coats, gloves, dried snacks, a flare gun, and some basic car fixing tools such as jumper cables, a battery charger, and a spare tire.  

On the Road 

First, when starting up your car, DON’T give it a few minutes to warm up. Without acceleration, your car will take a very long time to warm up, and, in the meantime, your engine is running cold, damaging itself. Instead, start up your car when you’re ready to leave. Driving with your foot on the gas pedal, your car will heat up much faster and protect your engine. 

When out on snowy roads, there’s many tips to keep in mind. An obvious one is to drive slowly, as it’s much harder to slow down and brake on snowy and icy roads. Remember to slowly accelerate and slowly decelerate to gain traction on bad roads, otherwise you’ll skid if you try to hammer your pedals down.

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We hope these tips have been helpful and informative. If you’re looking for any more assistance on the road, check out our blog for more tips and tricks. For those looking for a great used vehicle or any car service, stop in to Rich Nimey’s New Generation Cars for help. You can contact us by phone or in person. Our sales team are happy and ready to help you with all of your automotive needs!