Should I buy a car from a discontinued brand?

What are the benefits of buying an orphaned car?

Should I buy a car from a discontinued brand?

Over the decades, the automotive industry has seen the discontinuation of many iconic brands. Well-known names like Pontiac, Saturn and Mercury are no longer seen on new cars. However, just because new models are not being produced, does not mean existing cars from these brands just disappear. Many orphan cars can still be found on the lots of pre-owned car dealerships. This leads to an important question many car shoppers will be asking: Should I buy a car from a discontinued brand?

Orphan Car Maintenance

One of the main concerns that car shoppers looking at orphaned cars may have is knowing where they will be able to get their car serviced. This will not be an issue for most cars. Many of the brands that have been discontinued in recent years were under the ownership of larger companies. This means they shared many components, and sometimes even platforms, with other models that company produced. These companies will still offer compatible parts and services for brands they used to produce.

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Independent service centers, like ours here at Nimey’s New Generations, are able to service a wide variety of cars, including those from discontinued brands.

If a car from an orphaned brand meets your expectations and needs as a drive, and is within you budget, then there is no reason not to consider it.

If you would like to take a top-quality pre-owned vehicle for a test drive, Nimey’s New Generations is here to help. Interested shoppers can view our selection here on our website.