The 5 Best Car Logos of All Time

What Makes a Good Car Logo? 

A car logo should be creative and classy, but also simple, and strong. The best logos should give an immediate sense of power and class, and be distinctive, eye catching, and pleasing to look at. With that in mind, we’ve sorted through all of the car companies out there to find which ones have the best designed logos that help to represent their company with pride. 

Disclaimer: This article is rating companies strictly on their logos. It is not an endorsement of any companies’ practices or their vehicle’s performances. 

The Best 

Honda logo

5. Honda

Honda’s logo works because it is very simple, yet distinctive. It doesn’t need to be fancy or gaudy to catch your eye. By sticking to a minimal logo design, the sharp capital H looks good on any model. It’s strong, like a hard stamp of metal punched on the front of your car. 

Audi logo

4. Audi

Audi’s logo is four connected silver rings. Their logo doesn’t include the company’s name or any letters. This is what makes it great. While some great logos do include a few letters as a reference to their company name, for the most part using too much writing in design is a bad practice. What is more lazy than simply writing out the name of your company and calling it a day? Not to mention that a distinctive picture will catch an audience’s eyes far more than a written word. Audi’s design is a classy and creative signature, using the attractive and memorable image of its pristine silver rings. 

Maserati logo

3. Maserati

What’s the Maserati logo? It’s a trident! Like Audi, Maserati chose an image as their logo rather than making the boring decision to just use their name. The trident really stands out among the majority of car logos, yet stands out for all the right reasons. It’s a weapon that evokes power, but not barbarity. It’s striking! It’s cool! It just looks great. 

RAM logo

2. RAM

The RAM design looks like something a blacksmith pounded into metal with a hot hammer. What gives the image of power more than the ram? It’s not attacking, or roaring, or bearing its teeth like a wild animal. It’s a stoic, silent, strong beast that’s ready to charge. 

Volkswagen logo

1. Volkswagen

The winner for our best list of logos is the iconic VW of Volkswagen. The V lays atop the W in a strong script and is inlaid within a circle instead of the oval seen more often on cars. It’s not as fancy as some of the previous contenders on this list, but it doesn’t need to be. The V and W are sharp and look similar, and the circle makes the entire logo clean and symmetrical. Not overly designed and without too much color, yet still creative, stylish, and pleasing to the eye, the Volkswagen’s VW logo wins our pick as the best car logo out there. 

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So, what are your favorite car logos? Which ones are your least favorite? If you’d like to learn more tips and tricks, make sure to visit our blog. We’ll be back soon with our follow-up: The 5 Worst Car Logos of All Time. And make sure to call or visit us here at Rich Nimey’s New Generation Cars if you’re looking to buy a great used car or need any more automotive help. We’re ready and happy to help!