The 5 Worst Car Logos of All Time

What Makes a Car Logo Bad? 

Many like to think of car companies as paragons of business professionalism and class with their billion-dollar industries and fashionable designs. But the truth is, everyone’s human. Every company makes mistakes. Some car companies can roll out a bad model, some can make terrible advertisements, and others can cling to bad logos they’ve had for decades. We’ve gathered up the 5 worst car logos out there that could use a new draft: the unoriginal, the messy, the boring, and the ugly. 

Disclaimer: This article is rating companies strictly on their logos. It is not a critique of any companies’ practices or their vehicle’s performances. 

The Worst

Hyundai logo

5. Hyundai

Hyundai’s logo has 2 problems. It’s angled lines and the fact that it’s a poor imitation. The angled, italicized, H makes the logo feel off from the crisp lines of the vehicle. Furthermore, the turned font also makes it simply a stylized version of the Honda logo, making it a poor façade of class. 

Lexus logo


Let’s take a look at the Lexus logo. What’s wrong with it? First off, it’s just an L in a circle. Second, it’s a bad L in a circle. At a glance, many people wouldn’t even recognize that as an L. It looks like half of a billiards rack or a badly angled V. Instead of distinctive letters, the Lexus logo looks like a quick scribble written in silver. 

Hummer logo

3. Hummer

Logos that are just a car company’s name are boring. Some companies can spruce these logos up with good designs and colors, such as the GM and Ford logos. Others just look incredibly standard and uncreative, like Jeep. But the worst offender is Hummer. No time went into creative process or brainstorm for this one. All it is is the word ‘Hummer’ in bold and capital letters across the grille and frame.  

Cadillac logo

2. Cadillac

The Cadillac logo is one of the logos that does too much. The coat of arms is a distinctive image, but all of the clashing patterns and colors makes the logo look cluttered, garish, and gaudy. For a good version of this logo, check out Porsche. 

Subaru logo

1. Subaru

The winner, or rather loser, is…Subaru! The Subaru logo just doesn’t work. It’s trying too hard, yet not trying hard enough. It’s simple, yet too much at the same time. It’s unique, but without being distinctive enough to catch your eye or stay in your memory. And when you do look at it, it’s just an ugly bundle of silver stars on teal blue without any attractive pattern. Like all of the companies on this list, Subaru can make some great vehicles, but sadly, their logo looks like a decorative belt buckle 

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