Auto Detailing Service Utica NY

Auto Detailing Service in Utica NY

At Nimey’s New Generation Cars, we know that it can be difficult to make time to keep your car looking at its best. We also know that sometimes a stain can be extra difficult to try and get out. Whatever your reason is, you can bring your car to Nimey’s New Generation to make use of our expert auto detailing service in Utica NY.

At Nimey’s, we offer a wide selection of auto detailing packages. Are you just looking to get your car washed and waxed? Leave it to us! Want us to also give the interior a quick wipedown and vacuum? No problem. Maybe you need a little bit of extra care, such as shampooing or a deep clean for your vehicle? We do it all at Nimey’s in Utica NY!

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How much does Auto Detailing Cost at Nimey's New Generation?

We have a large number of available packages for auto detailing in Utica NY at our dealership and service center. A simple car wash and dry starts very low, but we can also do much more intensive cleaning. Regardless of what price range you’re looking in, we’ll be able to find something that works for you.

Auto Detailing Prices

Where to get a car detailed in Utica NY

Looking for the right dealership or service center to handle your auto detailing or car cleaning? We do it all here at Nimey’s. Services range from a simple wash to the incredibly intensive Mr. Perfect package, which will make it look just as it did when it was brand new! This service involves a wash, wax, vacuum, shampoo, engine and chrome detailing, buffing, scratch and dent repair, and more! We can handle cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and even other vehicles like boats, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles and more! Ready to learn more? Contact us to head over to Nimey’s for an auto detailing service in Utica NY.

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