Upgrade today with New Generation Cars!

We're familiar with how easy it can be to become attached to your vehicle. While that is understandable, sometimes you might need to swap out that truck for an SUV if you have a growing family, or you might just get the itch to try a new high-performance car.


Whatever your reasons for looking for a different vehicle, we are here for you at Nimey's New Generation Cars in Utica NY. We carry a wide variety of cars, SUVs, trucks, minivans and more at our upstate New York lot, and we empower you to trade in your current vehicle with us, so you can trade up to a vehicle in our inventory. There are several benefits to trading in with us, like a low APR, free vehicle service after the trade occurs, and more. We have more details of our trade-in policy below.

Backed By Kelley Blue Book

Backed by Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is home to a large group of automotive experts, and our trade-in system is backed by this reliable source.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance for 1 Year

If you trade-in your old vehicle for one of our models, then you also get to enjoy free maintenance for an entire year after the trade-in.

Low Financing

Low Financing

We offer financing as low as 2.29% APR if you qualify, which will help you save plenty of money on your new vehicle you purchase from us.

Trade In Your Old Vehicle and Trade Up to One of Ours in Utica NY

Here are a few reasons why trading in your old vehicle for a newer one with us is a good idea:

  • You could find a newer vehicle for lower or the same payments you made for your current one.
  • If you have a couple children and you're running out of room with your sedan, you can swap it out for a minivan or an SUV.
  • If you are an empty nester and your kids have all moved out of your home, you can splurge on a truck, or a performance sedan.
  • If you are looking for a new vehicle experience and want to save money with our available 2.29% APR.

Nimey's New Generation Cars is a used car dealer located at 2104 Dwyer Ave., Utica NY. We are Mohawk Valley's largest independent dealership and we also serve the Upstate New York area including the Mohawk Valley, Oneida and Syracuse. We carry a wide range of models from all automakers, and we encourage you to check out our inventory online, call us at (315) 733-CARS, or visit us on the lot to see our vibrant, ever-changing inventory.