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Quick Lane Oil Change in Utica, NY

You know you should get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. You know that if you don’t, something bad will happen to your engine. But do you really know how costly skipping an oil change can be to your vehicle? On the same note, do you know how easy it is to drop your car off at a service station to get said oil changed?

Oil is the essential lubricant in your engine. It allows metal to press against metal without damaging the most important parts of your car, like the way it lubricates the pistons to move up and down in the cylinders. Without oil, or with dirty oil, that same metal-on-metal friction would cause so much heat to build up that the metal pieces could eventually weld themselves together and stall your engine. And no one wants to pay the thousands needed to replace an engine.

If your don’t change the oil in your car, that also means you don’t change the oil filter, which allows dirt to build up in the oil that gets recycled back through your engine. Eventually the filter will clog, and the thick, dirty oil that results is abrasive to your engine parts. As the oil becomes dirtier and dirtier without an oil change, it will stop lubricating your engine, causing engine failure.

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Vehicle Service in Utica, NY

Since 1964, Nimey’s New Generation Cars has provided drivers in central New York with comprehensive auto care services, like oil changes and more. Nimey’s provides one-stop service that also includes heating and cooling services, electrical work, transmission repair and replacement, engine repair and replacement, brake services, new tire and flat tire services, New York State Inspections, check engine light diagnostics, ABS light diagnostics, battery repair and replacement, general services, auto detailing, towing and more.

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With more than 50 years of experience, Nimey’s New Generation Cars strives to offer the best services available for your car, truck, van or SUV at the best prices.Nimey’s mechanical specialists offer some of the best service in the area with decades of experience in repairing and upgrading both domestic and imported vehicles of all makes and models.

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