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Cana 27 Feb 2014
I was looking for a replacement vehicle and found 2 Hondas that I liked and Nimey's had them. So as a single mom who works full time I took a day off to buy a car. I set up an appointment they had a car ready test drove but wasn't in my price range. However there was another. Sat down did the figure...s and was very much respected in the negotiating process. Made a deal. Asked when I wanted to come back to get the car I said probably the weekend. The service manager said he could have it done that day if I didn't mind the wait. So even with a wait and being taken care of while I waited, I drove home in a Honda Odyssey that day. I have had it for more than two weeks and absolutly love it. I am very happy with the experience and Customerr Service that Nimeys provided and have been recommending everyone who is looking to check them out. Thanks to Bob and the rest of the staff. Show more
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amy 26 Feb 2014
i bought a hyundai santa fe from bob @ rich nimeys he was very professional and answered any questions. it was a great experience and would recommend buying a vehicle from them.
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Tinachu 23 Aug 2013
I had an amazing experience looking for my first car here. Vinny was really helpful and had an answer to my parents million and a half questions. I needed the car in a hurry and he got it done in time despite the several issues that needed to be fixed. The car feels as new as a used car can feel, an...d I love it! If I'm still in the area when I start to search for a new car I would definitely look here first. :) Show more
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Scott Ithaca 03 Jul 2013
Bob Narracci is a very knowledgeable sales person. He is fully aware and confident that the cars will sell themselves. He DOES NOT use any high pressure techniques. He does not rush you. He HELPS YOU FIND THE RIGHT CAR. He helps you by answering your questions and when hew says there is service that... needs to be done, IT WILL BE DONE !!!!! VERY TRUSTWORTHY AND RELIABLE.... WE ARE PLEASED !!!!! :) Show more
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David O.Burch 03 Jul 2013
This the best dealership I have ever been dealing with in my 44yrs of my life. Bob, goes above his call of duty to make sure your very satisfied with the whole concept of dealing with the customer and also , making his boss happy . Is very please with all who works there . I can advise everyone that... needs a car go see BOB , at RICH NIMEY'S Sales and service for your complete auto motive need . Show more
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Betsy 23 May 2013
Fast, honest, direct and extraordinarily helpful. This was a great experience for me.
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Carmen 12 May 2013
Great Service!!!! Purchased a car and the service was very good... The were very kind and attentive to our needs!!
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Happy Jetta Owner 02 May 2013
I knew which car I was interested in and called about it, from the moment they answered the phone until my buying process was over they were friendly, helpful and overall made my first car shopping experience easy and enjoyable. When I first arrived they greeted me and had the car ready and waiting be test driven. They answered every question I had and made me feel secure in buying my car from them. I recommend them 100% Show more
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Sydney L. 27 Apr 2013
I knew which car I wanted to look at before I even got to Nimey's by using their website. Prices were listed which made it easy to see what I could afford. Most of the bigger dealers sites say "call for more info" they don't list prices. When we got there Bob came right over to us and was very frien...dly. He let us ask any questions we had and take a test drive. Once I knew I wanted the car Bob did all the work with for me with the bank and insurance company. I am very happy with my new car it has very low mileage for a 2007 and in great condition, that's why I bought it! Great service and everyone was friendly and helpful. I would definitely buy another car here! Show more
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Susan 26 Apr 2013
I spent a month researching cars & dealerships and was having such a hard time finding a dealership that I felt comfortable with - prices of the vehicles & staff. I chose to start with browsing the dealerships websites and go from there. I found myself getting frustrated with the websites because pr...ices weren't listed or they'd use stock photos etc. Then if I did select to inquire about a vehicle, I was hounded by several emails per day and daily phone calls. It made it so I didn't enjoy the car buying experience - then it happened... My father told me about Nimey's in Utica on a Friday night. I checked out the website & there were so many selections at unbeatable prices and low mileage. I didn't know about Nimey's before my dad recommended them - I was checking out the dealerships on Commercial Drive - all of them were disappointing - typical shady car dealers.. Anyway, Sunday night I clicked on Inquire and Monday morning I received a call from Bob - he was super friendly and very easy to talk to so I arranged to go in that night to test drive 3 Accords -- I would've gone home Monday night with my car but I had to reschedule to Tuesday. Bob wasn't pushy or overbearing. He called once from the web inquiry and one more time to return my call -- other dealerships had sent me 3+ emails & called 2+ times (not any were to return my call) in a shorter timeframe than I had with Bob. When I made it in to test drive, everyone at Nimey's was polite and friendly. I went on 1 test drive because that's all it took. Bob made my buying experience awesome!! I recommend Nimey's to anyone looking to buy a car and make it your 1st choice. I will take my car back to Nimey's for all my service needs. Bob and everyone at Nimey's turned my very frustrating car buying experience to a very exciting, pleasurable and super EASY process from start (with them) to finish!! I never felt pressured or hassled - confused or that I was being taken to the cleaners. Nimey's will be the only place I go from now on and the only place I give a great recommendation for. Thank you Bob for changing my opinion of car dealers to a very positive one and making my experience the best! I also want to add that my sister took me over to Nimey's & my 3yr old nephew was with us - everyone was extremely friendly to him as well & he had a fun time talking to Rich. Show more
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