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Liz 27 Oct 2014
This was my first purchase here and I found the process to be quick and easy. Bob was friendly and worked with us. A low pressure sales environment. The prices are fair and the quality of the vehicles are very good (We bought a Honda so that is no surprise). He was also able to get us the best finan...cing in the area. I have only had my vehicle a few days but so far I am a very happy customer! Show more
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Olivia 24 May 2014
Just bought a 2013 Ford Edge. Car was in excellent condition. Bobby Narracci helped me throughout the entire process. He let us spend as much time we needed as far as test driving and checking out the vehicles features. He wasn't too pushy and everything went smoothly. I would recommend this dealer the future! Show more
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E.perez 24 Apr 2013
As I drove all over cities trying to find a good car, That I would like and enjoy, I forgot about the rich Nimeys auto sales place. So one Sunday night as there garage was closed I passed through and started looking for a nice Looking car that I would be happy and satisfied with. I tired of test dri...ving other vehicles at other places, I saw 4 nice cars that caught my attention quickly. So the next morning as I went to work upset and tired of being with out a vehicle for mths I happen to call on a break and there I met Bob. Who by the way is the best. As I explain to Bob what type of car I wanted and what my deposit was going to be, he right away assisted me, so that same day on my lunch break I went and spoke with Bob and told him which cars i liked. I asked him to please don't sell them til I test drove some, Because I knew out those 4 cars one was going home with me. As I get off work that same Day I rush to meet with Bob to discuss business. Bob was very patient with me and understanding after I discuss a bad experience I had at another site. That Eve I drove only 2 cars. And though it was a hard decision to make, I did end up buying a car from the Nimeys which as of today I love and am very happy with . Thanks to Bob,Matt and others for being their when I really needed good service. Show more
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