Nimey’s The New Generation Mourns the Loss of Our Patriarch and Founder

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, we lost our patriarch, Richard Nimey.

Rich began his work in the car business as a young child in Washington Mills. In 1964, he began to build his business on the corner of Culver and Bleecker Streets. He took significant pride in each and every repair. He always needed to know how every part functioned and its purpose.

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Thanksgiving Meal

Where to Eat on Thanksgiving Day in and near Utica, NY

Thanksgiving Restaurants Open throughout Oneida County 

No one should have to spend their holiday cooped up inside cooking and cleaning all day. This Thanksgiving, save yourself from the stress of preparing a big meal for your whole family and instead go out or order in. For those living in Utica, New York, or the greater Oneida County area, we here at New Generation Cars have found some great places open on Thanksgiving that offer tons of tasty options to celebrate the season.

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Winter Forest Road

How Do I Stay Safe when Driving in the Winter Weather?

Tips for Winter Driving on Snowy and Icy Roads 

Unless you’re living in the sunny south, you’re going to have to deal with snow when winter comes. This means heavy coats, shoveling snow, and, most of all, winter driving. As the weather starts to get worse, it’s time to get ready. But what can you do to stay safe when driving in the winter?

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The 5 Worst Car Logos of All Time

What Makes a Car Logo Bad? 

Many like to think of car companies as paragons of business professionalism and class with their billion-dollar industries and fashionable designs. But the truth is, everyone’s human. Every company makes mistakes. Some car companies can roll out a bad model, some can make terrible advertisements, and others can cling to bad logos they’ve had for decades. We’ve gathered up the 5 worst car logos out there that could use a new draft: the unoriginal, the messy, the boring, and the ugly. 

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The 5 Best Car Logos of All Time

What Makes a Good Car Logo? 

A car logo should be creative and classy, but also simple, and strong. The best logos should give an immediate sense of power and class, and be distinctive, eye catching, and pleasing to look at. With that in mind, we’ve sorted through all of the car companies out there to find which ones have the best designed logos that help to represent their company with pride. 

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Car Features You Don't Need

Car Features You Don’t Need

Modern cars come with a variety of optional features that are neat innovations and uses of technology. Most drivers stare and awe at these features, finding that these new implements go further to improve the value of the vehicle in their eyes. But that means it also makes the vehicle more expensive to purchase for the consumer. Are all of these features worth the extra cost? We here at Nimey’s New Generation Cars don’t think so. Here are the car features you don’t need.

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